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Are you feeling lost?

Worry not, thou art not alone!

First of all try to check if your VPN is up and working properly. Otherwise you are doomed to stuck at this page forever. Note: If you're working from office, on the contrary, turn off your VPN and try again.

Second, try to clear your browser cache. If you are unaware of this feature, try the following guides:

Third, ensure that DoH (“Secure DNS”) feature turned off in your browser settings. Again, check the links below if not sure:

Next, though it's an advanced topic and you don't have to do it if you don't know what this means, check your system DNS settings. Two possible problems may arise in this area. First, if nslookup reports external IP address. This problem may be solved by turning your VPN connection on. Not always, but in most cases. Second, if you find that is hardcoded in your system hosts file, in general such approach may be wrong idea. In such case just drop the offending line from there and probably you'll be fine (considering all the above).

The last, but not the least, check if your security/antivirus software not mangling your internet connection. Particularly, turn off its DNS handling feature. Remember though, that changing the mentioned settings may decrease your security level. So, do it only if you're absolutely sure you need it.

That's roughly all you can do about it. If you still feel that something's off and can't cope with this, don't hesitate to reach your IT support team.

Thank you for reading this post.