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RDP.RU presented Russian telecom equipment on GITEX-2017

Source: RDP.RU | 02.11.2017

The RDP.RU experts took part in GITEX Technology Week 2017, the largest international event for the ICT industry in the countries of the Persian Gulf, which was held at the Dubai World Trade Center. For the first time in the 38-year history of the exhibition, the largest Russian exposition was presented there (24 companies). The Russian Export Center provided the strong support in Russian exposition organizing process.

About 150,000 delegates whose activities are related to IT and ICT business attended the event. A large-scale exposition, deployed on an area of more than 92 thousand square meters, united more than 4,500 exhibitors from 97 countries interested in promoting their business in the Middle East region.

The RDP.RU company presented the latest Russian developments in the field of high-performance traffic processing to the exhibition visitors. More than 200 business contacts have been received, including Etisalat and Du, the largest telecom operators in the United Arab Emirates. The representatives of companies from other countries (Iraq, Iran, India, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan) showed significant interest in the RDP.RU products. The offsite meetings in Abu Dhabi were held with the largest system integrators Alpha Data and ITQAN.

The deputy of regional director RDP.RU Aleksey Semenikhin said:

"The international exhibition GITEX is an excellent communication platform for companies focused on foreign expansion. The world market of high technologies is not only Europe and the USA. The Middle East region is a very fertile ground for the development of international cooperation. This market is not too prone to stereotyping. Customers are ready to consider not only well-known brands, but also products of young manufacturers that can offer the best technical characteristics at an attractive price. Here we can successfully compete with the world's leading vendors."

The RDP.RU company will present its solutions on the international exhibition GITEX

Source: RDP.RU | 03.10.2017

RDP.RU will take part in the 37th International exhibition GITEX which will be held 8-12 October in Dubai (United Arab Emirates). This is the most significant event in the Persian Gulf region, uniting developers and suppliers of innovations from around the world.

The international exhibition GITEX Technology Week is held since 1981. Annually, the latest achievements in the field of electronics, IT and telecommunications are demonstrated here. The event will take place at the Dubai World Trade Center and will gather 4,473 companies from 97 countries.

The RDP.RU company will present two exposition stands where visitors could get acquainted with the latest Russian developments in the field of high-performance traffic processing. The product line includes DPI, CG-NAT, BRAS, URL-FILTER, IP / MPLS ROUTER, as well as modification of the service platform, which combines several network functions.

The deputy of regional director RDP.RU Aleksey Semenikhin said:

“In terms of international expansion, the Middle East is very attractive because of the large volume of infrastructure projects. We carefully studied the telecommunication market of this region, which is now actively developing. I am confident that our solutions will prove to be competitive with respect to the products of the world's leading vendors. We are ready to offer advanced Russian equipment to both telecommunications operators and industrial and state customers.”

RDP.RU’s solutions are presented on the Worldwide Mobile Congress in Shanghai

Source: RDP.RU | 12.07.2017

The RDP.RU company among the resident companies of the Skolkovo Innovation Center visited the Mobile World Congress Shanghai, which was held from June 28 to July 1, 2017. Specialists of RDP.RU held initial negotiations with representatives of foreign companies. During these meetings, their needs in Russian equipment for high-performance traffic processing were identified.

The largest industry event is held by the GSMA association and brings together representatives of the largest telecom providers and IT companies of the Asia-Pacific region. The large-scale exposition took five pavilions of the Shanghai international exhibition center. The Russian delegation at the congress was headed by the deputy head of the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation Rashid Ismailov. At the beginning of the Congress, the "Russian Day" was held, the purpose of which was the popularization of Russian technologies on the international market.

For the first time during the participation in the World Mobile Congresses (they are held twice a year - in Barcelona and Shanghai), our country had a national stand on which were presented both world-famous market leaders (ABBYY, Sailfish Mobile, SPB TV, Spirit And others), and young promising companies that are still gaining popularity abroad. Most (20 of 22) companies representing Russia (among them RDP.RU) are residents of the Skolkovo Innovation Center.

As part of the event, RDP.RU experts met with representatives of the Iranian company MCI. Iranian colleagues are interested in the product EcoNAT (CG-NAT), which allows to optimize IPv4 address space and provide a smooth transition to IPv6, and the EcoDPI Teracluster (DPI) hardware and software complex for recognition and deep analysis of network traffic. Also a meeting with a major Algerian mobile operator DJEZZY, interested in delivering Russian solutions for URL filtering and DPI, was held.

For participation in the Russian exposition at the World Mobile Congress in Shanghai, the company RDP.RU was awarded a diploma signed by the Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation Nikolai Nikiforov.

The deputy of regional director RDP.RU Aleksey Semenikhin said:

“The interest of foreign companies in RDP.RU products confirms its competitiveness and compliance with international quality standards. Foreign customers do not think about import substitution - they need good technical characteristics (functionality, performance) and attractive commercial terms. We are ready to offer both of them. Our solutions are developed on the basis of universal x86 platforms - in accordance with the new technological paradigm. In near future, all world technologies in the sphere of equipment for broadband access will develop in this vector. We intend to keep up with the times and offer the market only the most relevant and practical tools for high-performance processing of network traffic.”

RDP.RU expands cooperation with the Republic of Belarus

Source: RDP.RU | 03.07.2017

The RDP.RU company took part in the 4th Forum of the Regions of Belarus and Russia, which was held June 29-30, 2017 in the Central Exhibition Complex "Expocenter" (Moscow). This major international event was held to expand the interregional cooperation between Russia and Belarus, marking the 25th anniversary of the beginning of diplomatic relations.

A separate section of the Forum was entirely devoted to the cooperation of Russian and Belarusian IT companies (http://minsvyaz.ru/ru/events/37099/). The session was moderated by the Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation Nikolai Nikiforov, the Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Economic Policy Vyacheslav Timchenko, the Minister of Communication and Information of the Republic of Belarus Sergey Popkov, and the Chairman of the Permanent Committee of the Council of the Republic Council of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus for International Affairs and National Security Sergei Rakhmanov.

Within the section framework, the RDP.RU’s commercial director Sergey Kulikov made a presentation on Russian telecommunications solutions for network traffic processing in a virtual environment. He also invited Belarusian colleagues to actively develop cooperation, which started about a year ago with the opening of RDP.RU branch in Minsk. The Forum participants got acquainted with the technical characteristics of Russian devices that have good prospects in the Belarusian market as a full-fledged alternative to Western analogues, especially with regard to the security level of the critical national IT infrastructure.

In the portfolio of RDP.RU there are solutions certified by the operational and analytical center of the President of the Republic of Belarus. For instance, an universal IP/MPLS-router EcoRouter, which can be used in networks of any complexity at the levels of aggregation, distribution, core and network border, has such a certificate. On its basis, it is also possible to develop new integrated solutions which improve the quality and safety of traffic processing.

The RDP.RU’s commercial director Sergey Kulikov said:

”The interest of the Belarusian colleagues is due to the fact that a number of high-tech projects of national scale are now being implemented in the Republic of Belarus. The main part of the network infrastructure in the republic is built on outdated Western equipment, its resources have already been exhausted, and an efficient and economical modernization is needed. And this is exactly what we offer the market. Our solutions will fit well into many state and commercial projects, since they favorably differ from the products of well-known international brands, their advantages are convincingly confirmed by practice.”

RDP.RU held first talks with Indian companies at an intergovernmental meeting in New Delhi

Source: RDP.RU | 10.05.2017

The experts of RDP.RU took part in the 5th meeting of the Joint Working Group on Information and Communication Technologies of the Intergovernmental Russian-Indian Commission on Trade-Economic, Scientific-Technical and Cultural Cooperation, which was held on April 26, 2017 in New Delhi, India.

The meeting was chaired by Deputy Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation Rashid Ismailov and Deputy Minister of Communications and Information Technologies of the Republic of India Aruna Sundaradzhan. In the agenda, there were many issues related to cooperation in the field of telecommunications. The parties talked about the communication standards development, information security, creation of virtual communication providers, and the possibility of supplying advanced Russian equipment to the Indian market.

The RDP.RU company presented its software and hardware solutions in the field of high-performance traffic processing: CG-NAT, BRAS, URL-Filtering, DPI, IP/MPLS-Router. The leaders of Indian companies confirmed their high interest in this type of solutions. Then the first negotiations RDP.RU with representatives of the industry associations of India, where the directions and steps of further cooperation were determined, took place.

The RDP.RU’s CTO and founder Nikolay Guzakov said:

“I appreciate the results of the trip positively. Our company has high hopes for the development of international cooperation, including with such promising countries as India. We have been studying the Indian market for a long time and have already got a clear idea of what technologies and solutions can be used there. The meeting with foreign colleagues confirmed this. Therefore, we hope for a long-term partnership and a confident presence in the region.”

The experts of RDP.RU reported a new way to save ARPU for MUSE 2017 participants

Source: RDP.RU | 24.04.2017

The experts of RDP.RU took part in the MULTISERVICE 2017 Forum (MUSE 2017). This is one of the key annual events for communication and multi-service market members. In the scope of the Forum the new features of RDP.RU equipment were presented as well as services which could be implemented by providers using these equipment.

This year the Forum changed its format and venue. For the first time this two-day event was held in the boarding house “Lesnye Daly” located in Moscow Region. The agenda was divided into two parallel streams. The key questions of industry were discussed: so-called Yarovaya’s law, prohibited sites blocking control using the hardware-software complex “Revisor”, cost optimization mechanism, information security and much more.

During the technical section the CEO of RDP.RU Sergey Nikulin told about the high-performance traffic processing equipment series (DPI, CG-NAT, BRAS, URL-Filtering, IP/MPLS-Router) and drew audience's attention to a number of topical issues, common for all providers. The issue of average revenue per user (ARPU) saving through flexible tariff plans management use was raised too.

The problem solution was demonstrated based on the Moscow provider “Ecotelecom” experience. This operator recently offered a new service for its subscribers: access to some popular resources (Yandex, Google, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook, Mail.Ru, YouTube, World Of Tanks and etc.) without the traffic speed limitation. Thus, provider can use the complex tariffs and avoid direct price competition what halts the ARPU decline.

This approach was made by using the Eco3in1 system. This equipment is a hardware-software platform with a performance of up to 160 GB/s. Depending on configuration two or three provider’s key function can be performed by Eco3in1 (two is sufficient for mentioned above service BRAS+URL-Filtering). Every operator having such a platform can offer unlimited access for its subscribers to popular resources. The Eco3in1 functional also allows provider to implement various scenarios for subscribers base saving which aimed to reduce subscriber outflow and increase loyalty.

The CEO of RDP.RU Sergey Nikulin said:

“The main goal of our company is to find new effective ways to solve the problems that absolutely all providers are facing. These are: providing information security, traffic filtering in accordance with the requirements of Roskomnadzor, improving the service quality and creating flexible tariff plans for subscribers. The problem of ARPU saving is relevant for all providers, and we offer them an easy way to save revenue, which is affordable and tested. The issue of Ecotelecom is an evidence that our method of flexible speed-differenced tariff plans implementation is efficient and allows to avoid price wars. This is especially important for small players, who make up the market majority. Of course, we intend to further expand the functionality of our equipment and develop new features and services that meet the real needs of customers.”

RDP.RU will add to train MIA cadets

Source: RDP.RU | 24.03.2017

The experts of RDP.RU spoke in All-Russian scientific-practical conference "Actual problems of information security in modern society", which took place on March 23, 2017 at the Moscow University of MIA named after V.Ya.Kikot’.

The event was held for cadets and students of major departmental and civilian universities (Lomonosov Moscow State University, MTUCI, Moscow Technological University (MIREA), Bauman Moscow State Technical University, MAI, MIPT, MEPhI). The heads of the profile departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, experts, specialists, teachers, as well as representatives of leading IT companies took part in the event.

The main objectives of the conference is to discuss top problems of information protection in the light of the new Information Security Doctrine of the Russian Federation. Within the framework of the event an exhibition of modern software and hardware solutions in the field of information security was organized. The program consisted of nine thematic sections, each was devoted to specific aspect of the IS: modern means of information protection, monitoring, video surveillance, face recognition, etc.; computer expertize technology, cybercrime investigation, etc.

The RDP.RU company presented the report "Russian telecommunications equipment: the basis of technological sovereignty and information security of the Russian Federation". There the main risks associated with dependence on imported telecommunications solutions were described, barriers to the development of alternative technologies were identified, and resolutions to these problems were proposed. Experts from Zelax, COBRA, ELVIRA, Security Code, etc. participated in the discussion of thematic section "Information Security Technologies".

According to the organizers, such topical conferences for cadets and students will be held by the main high school of the MIA on a regular basis, thus reviving the old Soviet tradition, which was interrupted 15 years ago after the reorganization of this high school. The agency's interest in ICT is not accidental - due to the growth of cyber threats, there is an urgent need in network specialists. The universities of MIA began to train such specialists just recently, but already have accumulated a fundamental expertise in the field of popular world brands. Next in line is Russian equipment, which is actively developing and is increasing the strength of its position in the market.

The Conference Coordinator, Senior Lecturer of Special IT Department, Moscow University of Russian MIA named after V.Ya.Kikot’ Vadim Shcherba said: “Our cadets need to get acquainted with modern achievements in the field of information protection, because in the near future they will have to work with these instruments. The IT develops at a rapid pace so it’s necessary to monitor technologies changing and improvement, what are the new areas of their application. Such events are very useful, they help you to orient in the huge IT world and choose a vector for further development. It was very interesting for us to get acquainted with the solutions of RDP.RU - complete, effective, created in a certain unified concept. We see a real alternative to popular import solutions in these technologies and want to study them in detail.”

The RDP.RU’s Deputy Director of Development Artem Mikhailov said:

“The educational process plays a huge role in ensuring the information security of the state. The experts should know the all contemporary solutions both limited and open foreign and Russian ones. In our turn we are ready to offer training programs on Russian solutions exploitation. We have a good experience of partner companies’ specialists training. These leading system integrators have expanded their professional competence with our help. Moscow University of Russian MIA named after V.Ya.Kikot’ has already stated its interest in such cooperation. We invite all technical universities interested in qualified personnel training to a productive dialog.”

RDP.RU presented its solutions on the “Infoforum-2017”

Source: RDP.RU | 14.02.2017

RDP.RU became a partner of the 19th National Forum for Information Security "Infoforum-2017" held in Moscow February, 2-3. During the forum the thematic session “Import Substitution and Security in the sphere of creation, development and use of the Communications Networks“ took place. The CEO of RDP.RU Sergey Nikulin made a report within this session.

The Infoforum is the largest industry event which gathers for dialog representatives of authorities and leading domestic high-tech solutions manufacturers. The Infoforum’s main themes were information sovereignty of Russia, current technology trends, import substitution in strategic sectors. This site has a well-deserved reputation among the professional community. Software and intelligent equipment vendors use this excellent opportunity to establish direct contact with large government customers and conduct initial negotiations.

This year Infoforum gathered more than 900 participants from 60 regions of Russia. It is noteworthy that this year the event took place almost immediately after the approval of the renewed Doctrine of information security of the Russian Federation by the President of the Russian Federation. Therefore, the attention of the Infoforum’s participants was focused on the issues of information security in the key sectors of the economy: industry, energy, defense industry, finance, oil, gas, etc.

CB Iskra, SRI Masshtab T8, Zelax and others participated in the meeting dedicated to the import substitution in the field of communication networks. The meeting was held by Sheredin Roman, Deputy Head of the Federal Agency of Communications.

In the Sergey Nikulin’s report “Russian Router as a step towards importamtisimo” the main problem of import substitution in the ICT was considered and an overview of high-performance Russian devices which could be an alternative to the world leading brands was presented. The subject of foreign hard and software reduction in the key segments of the broadband network providers to increase the overall level of information security was discussed.

Separately the necessity of use Russian solutions for traffic filtering according to Roskomnadzor list was stated. It is very important since such type of solutions process the network packet content and potentially can be used for espionage. The participants also got acquainted with the technical capabilities of Russia's first IP/MPLS-router EcoRouter, which the company RDP.RU put on the market last fall.

The CEO of RDP.RU Sergey Nikulin said:

“Technological sovereignty of Russia is one of the information security mandatory conditions. We do not put the task to the total refusal of import, but intend to reduce the total dependence of foreign vendors and minimize the political and economical risks. All the key systems which process the network packet content must be based on Russian source code. Since there’s no elemental base in our country yet, to create a cutting-edge solution is easier on commodity platform base. Devices built in a such paradigm are easy integrated with any common equipment. There’s no need to rebuild an entire infrastructure for its implementation. This approach has proven itself to be good in the field of telecom providers. Its benefits are reasonable for government customers which have different priorities and objectives too.

RDP.RU experts chose the winners of the School Hackaton in the “Best game application” category

Source: RDP.RU | 08.12.2016

December 2-3, 2016 a major technological competition for young developers took place in the Moscow Palace of Pioneers on Vorobyievy Hills which gathered more than 300 school pupils. RDP.RU experts participated this event as jury members and determined at winners in the “Best game application” category.

The School Hackaton was held as a part of the “School of New Technologies” project. The participants were to create a prototype of a mobile application (educative, innovative, or gaming) and present at their product. The 95 teams each consisting of up to 4 participants competed in 3 categories. Each team was supervised by mentor from the Russian leading technical universities.

The jury consisted of representatives of the largest IT companies, which judged at presented applications by the following criteria: relevance and usefulness of development, potential of practical use, teamwork level, presence of creativity elements, use of game engines and native development tools, originality and project design, presentation and application prototype quality.

The students were particularly interested in game development, since this kind of content is the most popular among users and leads by number of downloads. The first place in the «Best game application» category got the team of the school #1581 (Math Mind Breaker project). The second place was shared by the school #1581 (Shoot The Target) and the school #1497 (Solve Me) teams. The honor bronze went to the school #1533 (Air Forces VR), #1519 (Prison Run) and the youngest Hackaton participants - sixth graders of the school #657 (You Happy Flappy Bird). The young developers will present their final projects in the spring 2017.

Maria Zhigalkina, the city projects manager

“We thank the RDP.RU team for the response and interest to the educative initiatives. The company’s specialists are renowned experts in the field of agile software development. Their experience was essential in judging the contest works. I hope this example of meritorious Russian developers will allow our students to feel an interest to the project activities and inspire them to reach at new technological heights.”

The RDP.RU company presented its solutions at Bakutel 2016 exhibition

Source: RDP.RU | 07.12.2016

November 29, 2016 in Baku the Azerbaijan International Exhibition and Conference «Telecommunications and Information Technology» Bakutel 2016 took place. For the past 20 years this is the largest industry event of the region. RDP.RU experts presented Russian universal solutions for high-performance traffic processing.

On the RDP.RU’s stand the experts demonstrated the first Russian IP/MPLS router named EcoRouter which supports at all major protocols. This product is designed both for telecom and broadband Internet access providers and for any public and corporate networks.

The President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev and his spouse Mehriban Aliyeva, the Minister of Communications and High Technologies of Azerbaijan Ramin Guluzade, the Minister of Transport, Maritime and Communication of Turkey Ahmet Arslan, the deputy Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications of Russia Rashid Ismailov and Dmitry Alhazov, and many other honored guests have visited the Bakutel 2016. Mr. Ahmet Arslan spent a significiant time on the RDP.RU’s bench being interested in the characteristics of the Russian equipment.

The Bakutel is the main communicational Azerbaijan site for IT products and services presentation. This year the exhibition brought together over 200 companies from 18 countries. Among the participants were leading ICT companies, mobile operators, telecom operators, internet service providers, system integrators, and distributors of world-famous brands. The Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan has provided invaluable support to Bakutel. The show is also respected globally and is supported by institutions, such as the Minister of Communications and High Technologies of Azerbaijan. The organisers of the event are Iteca Caspian and Caspian Event Organisers (CEO).

The deputy of regional director RDP.RU Aleksey Semenikhin

“Of course, we are pleased to demonstrate the best Russian products on a large international exhibition. It helps not only us to plan entering the new foreign markets, but also allows but also allows the international community to know Russia in a new way - as a provider of effective and affordable telecom solutions. We do understand the needs of customers and are always open to international dialogue. Our solutions are based on actual global trends, they are universal, well integrated with any infrastructure. It makes them attractive for foreign buyers."

RDP.RU experts spoke at the XII Peering Forum MSK-IX

Source: RDP.RU | 07.12.2016

The XII Peering Forum MSK-IX was held December 1, 2016 in Moscow. This is one of the biggest communication platforms which annually brings together participants of the IT and telecom market: leading providers, government and industry representatives. The first half of the forum was entirely devoted to telecommunications and traffic handling. The RDP.RU’s CTO and founder Nikolay Guzakov spoke during the block “Network Technology” working roundtable “Russian exploits”.

Guzakov spoke about the RDP.RU’s product line detailing the Russian IP/MPLS-router’s functions and features. This equipment launched into the market recently and already is being used in the state companies’ networks.

The discussion was also attended by the Russian manufacturers of telecom solutions and representatives of companies interested in the implementation of such products, including PJSC «Rostelecom». Vladimir Rubanov, Managing Director of the «Rosplatforma» compony was the moderator of the discussion. The forum participants exchanged views on how to develop Russian technologies, shared their experiences of creating competitive solutions and discussed the factors which promote and prevent the development of domestic industry.

This year the Peering Forum MSK-IX forum brought together over 500 participants. On the RDP.RU’s stand specialists of the company demonstrated the provider’s central hub. It was built on the Russian components and had all the necessary functionality. Cost-effective and efficient model attracted many guests of the forum. As a result, a number of requests was received for testing of the presented equipment.

The Chairman of the Program Committee Peering Forum MSK-IX Konstantin Chumachenko said:

“The aim of our activities is to give to market participants the opportunity to expand their business contacts and exchange experiences. The successful players’ stories are the most valuable because they help companies to plan and develop their own competence. The case of the RDP.RU company will be useful for Russian companies looking for a unique market way and rely on their own intellectual potential and competitiveness.”

The RDP.RU’s CTO and founder Nikolay Guzakov said:

”I would like to thank the organizers and participants of the Peering Forum MSK-IX for their sincere interest in our telecom solutions. There are many ways to imagine the future of our industry, but we all agree that in the current market conditions, we must act not only rational, but also quickly. That’s why we do not propose to use the outdated technology but take as a basis an universal platform which operates now and, taking into account the global trends, will continue its development. The main thing is a flexible software development based on the Russian source software. This is an area in which we face enormous open perspectives not limited by the domestic market.”

CTO Nikolai Guzakov’s interview to the “MediaMetriсs” radio

Source: RDP.RU | 07.12.2016

At the “Broadband Russia Forum 2016” RDP.RU reported about new solutions for providers

Source: RDP.RU | 07.12.2016

The RDP.RU company took part at the VI international “Broadband Russia Forum 2016: new broadband networks development in Russia” which held in Moscow, November 24-25, 2016. CEO Sergey Nikulin made a presentation “The provider’s network economics: rise performance while lowering costs».

The Broadband Russia Forum is held annually by the ComNews information and publishing group. According to tradition the Forum brings together all the ICT-market major participants: fixed, mobile and satellite communications network providers, representatives of regulatory authorities and international industry associations, developers and manufacturers of telecom equipment, system integrators, service providers, industry experts and correspondents of the specialized media.

As part of the session «Strategies and Business Models of broadband operators and communication services quality monitoring» CEO RDP.RU Sergey Nikulin told about a new conceptual approach to the creation of high-performance networks for telecom providers. The examples of the successful implementation of such decisions as EcoNAT (the device for address space optimization and smooth migration to IPv6) and EcoRouter (the first Russian universal IP/MPLS-router) were shown during the report. Talking about these solutions, the speaker drew attention of the forum participants on cost-effectiveness, possibility of reducing capital and optional costs along with tangible improvement of performance metrics.

The presented domestic decisions may not only be integrated into any existing infrastructure, but also serve as a basis for the central communication node creation based on the RDP.RU products. The implementation of functional CG-NAT, BRAS, and URL-Filtering can be performed on the same physical device, what is particularly valuable for small and medium-sized operators. Innovative routers can be used at all network levels. They support any necessary soft to install such as crypto gateways, streaming antivirus, IDS, IPS etc.

The audience showed a significant interest on the solutions represented, the questions about products’ characteristics and the possibility of free testing were asked. Due to the participation in The Broadband Russia Forum the RDP.RU company expanded its business relations and demonstrated its loyalty and engagement to the constructive dialog with market players.

At the end of the event its organizers presented to the RDP.RU company and personally its speaker letters of thanks for partnership participation and performance.

The CEO of RDP.RU Sergey Nikulin said:

“I admit, it’s always a pleasure to speak to a professional audience, which is able to appreciate the advantages and novelty of our developments. The professionals’ Interest explained by the fact we understand their needs, we think of "tomorrow" categories and offer the most daring and innovative solutions of the market priority problems.”

The RDP.RU’s product EcoNATDPI rewarded by national award “PRIORITY-2016”

Source: www.prioritetaward.ru | 07.12.2016

Николай Гузаков с дипломом Приоритет-2016

The RDP.RU company became the laureate of the National Award in the field of import substitution “PRIOPITY-2016” with the one of its most popular and required product EcoNATDPI (EcoNAT3in1). This award was handed in the “PRIORITY-IT” nomination of “Telecommunications” category.

The award ceremony took place on November 10, 2016 at the Congress Center of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation. Award nominees and winners, representatives of ministries and departments, large industrial associations and public organizations formed the auditory of the event. The Head of Department of High-Tech Development of Russian Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications Pavel Svistunov handed the award to the RDP.RU’s CTO and founder Nikolay Guzakov.

The EcoNATDPI solution allows to deploy on the one physical device all the three must for every broadband provider functions: CG-NAT, BRAS, and URL-Filtering. This product has exceptional functionality and performance: up to 160 Gb/sec per one rack unit (best result in industry), BRAS allows to implement the IPoE service gateway functionality economically, URL-Filtering provides 100% filtering and blocking the content banned by Roskomnadzor. Today EcoNATDPI has no analogues in Russia and abroad – no one of vendors does not produce the software and hardware platform with such features and specifications.

The national award “PRIORITY” is annually handed to leading Russian companies which achieved significant success in the field of import substitution.

The Head of Department of High-Tech Development of Russian Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications Pavel Svistunov said:

“The RDP.RU company is the one of two nominated companies which products are included in the ”Russian Unified Register of programs for electronic computers and databases” of the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications. This certifies the fact that the domestic developer produces its own product, and does not pay royalties to foreign manufacturers, because the code is developed in Russia. I am pleased to present the award to the company, whose contribution to the process of the sovereignty of our country deserves the attention and encouragement.

The RDP.RU’s CTO and founder Nikolay Guzakov said:

The “PRIORITY” award is perhaps one of the few Russian awards, which encourages nominees for their commitment to national interests. The government and corporations must work together to seek independence from imports of strategically in important industries, which include IT and communications. It is just as important as the inviolability of state borders. Both large and small companies which well understand market’s demands and have started to work in this direction in advance, can achieve success in the field of import substitution. We are glad to be among the best domestic manufacturers granted by such a prestigious award.

RDP.RU become a member of the Software Developers Association “National soft”

Source: RDP.RU | 07.12.2016

October 05, 2016 a meeting of the Software Developers Association’s “National soft” board took place in Moscow. According to voting result RDP.RU was included into Association.

The Software Developers Association “National soft” which unite Russian software application manufacturers was established in 2009. The key objectives of the Association are to support and develop the Russian market of software products - from antivirus solutions to complex automation systems and business process management.

The Association actively cooperates with the major government and commercial structures in order to protect the interests of Russian vendors operating on the domestic market. Representatives of the Association work at many expert groups established to participate in innovative projects and legislative initiatives.

The RDP.RU’s public authorities interaction officer Aleksey Boldin said:

“We are happy to join the community of the leading Russian software developers. Perhaps this is one of the few professional organizations, the essence of which is displayed in its title. What is national software? First of all, it is the respect and trust of our manufacturers, designers, experts, to the whole IT industry. It is the independence from importers, global market trends and currency exchange rates. Finally, it is confidence in own abilities. We are pleased that that the objectives of RDP.ru totally coincide with the Association’s ones. Together, we can bring more benefits to the state which is now in need of high-quality and competitive Russian products.”

RDP.RU included into the Rostelecom’s import substitution register

Source: RDP.RU | 07.12.2016

The RDP.RU company was successfully assessed against the criteria of localization of PJSC «Rostelecom». As a result of research, RDP.RU received a score of 100/100 as a software developer (Company Type 3) and 76.5 / 100 as a developer of hardware platforms (Company Type 2).

The RDP.RU company was included into the register of companies which meet the criteria of localization of PJSC "Rostelecom" with the following hard&software products:

  • EcoNAT is a high speed CGNAT device for a smooth IPv4-IPv6 migration with a highest performance in the industry (160Gb per unit);
  • EcoROUTER is a multipurpose IP/MPLS router which supports LDP, LDP-PW, IS-IS, OSPF, IGMP, PIM-SM, BGP and others;
  • EcoNATDPI is a complex solution which incorporates CG-NAT, BRAS, and URL-filtering functionality on a single platform.

The company's presence in the Register confirms the Russian origin of innovations, and a high score proves the quality of products and the ability to compete with the world's leading brands.

The RDP.RU’s CTO and founder Nikolay Guzakov said:

“Our main goal is to create a reliable and competitive product that will be in demand in the telecom market both in the short and long term. That’s why we develop comprehensive solutions with a big reserve of performance, which are well integrated with customers' existing infrastructure and can be flexibly configured for specific business purposes. Including the RDP.RU company into Register proves our solutions meet the highest requirements of the leading telecom company. At the same time they are available to any level providers.”

RDP.RU presented its solutions at the II business-forum “Intercommunication in a big city”

Source: RDP.RU | 07.12.2016

The RDP.RU company took part in II business-forum “Intercommunication in a big city – Work and communication specificity between the participants of the telecommunication market of the metropolis” which took place September 15, 2016 in Moscow, as a sponsor. CEO Sergey Nikulin made a presentation “RDP: new opportunities for provider’s business.»

Source: RDP.RU

The forum organized by ComNews information and publishing group was attended by delegates from all over Russia: management of federal and regional operators, manufacturers of technical solutions, experts and journalists. Within the event the main industry themes were discussed: development of urban technical infrastructure, telecom, financing and improve business profitability, import substitution. The representatives of the regulatory authorities: the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation, the Federal Communications Agency (Rossvyaz), Department of Information Technology of Moscow, and others were among the speakers.

During the session "Transforming the provider’s business under the influence of information technology, new solutions and innovations" CEO of RDP.ru Sergey Nikulin told about the innovative approach to the creation of a provider’s central unit on the basis of Russian components.

The concept proposes the implementation of functions CG-NAT, BRAS, URL-Filtering in the one Eco3in1 high-performance device. In combination with two EcoROUTER full-featured routers (the first one for core network allocation, the second one functions as a BGP-border), Eco3in1 forms the complete functional model of the provider’s central unit. Thus, for the first time in Russia a domestic vendor, which already can fully equip provider’s central hub by proprietary devices, appeared.

An important feature of the EcoROUTER is container virtualization support. It allows to deploy the third part software on EcoRouter in addition to its own – cryptogateways, streaming antiviruses, IDS, IPS etc. Thus the pool of the provider’s central hub can be reduced to just three units (or six in a failover configuration). The optimization of the telecom infrastructure provides a tangible money saving, economy of energy, saves space in the server room. In addition, the EcoROUTER and Eco3in1 devices are multiple times cheaper than comparable foreign counterparts.

Talking about the implementation of URL-Filtering, the speaker emphasized the technical characteristics of solutions. Highly qualified RDP.RU’s developers achieved a 160Gb per unit performance. This is a highest figure in industry which allows to process at all HTTP and HTTPS stream at once bypassing pre-filter. This approach not only reduces the filtration time but also excludes even minor “leakage” of the traffic blacklisted by Roskomnadzor.

During the conference, several regional providers were interested in testing the equipment presented.

The CEO of RDP.RU Sergey Nikulin said:

“The main feature of our company lies in the fact that all our products are tested on real traffic of the "Ecotelecom" provider. In our portfolio there is nothing that would not have been seriously tested in the field. We invite everyone who wish to test the quality of our products, so we offer our equipment to test for free. Our company helps with the implementation, provides a full cycle support and ensures that all the declared results will be achieved.”

Deputy Director - Executive Director of the St. Petersburg State Unitary Enterprise "Smolny PBX" Marina Nechay said:

“The problem of import substitution in IT as well as in other spheres rests for the public authorities is a priority. There’s already a healthy competition and really interesting products which compete the world leading vendors’ solutions, on the Russian software market. I think Russian manufacturers can and should be active in participating of public contracts fulfillment, especially if their solutions can meet all data protection requirements. The demand for domestic software will only grow in the short term.”

RDP.RU’s products included into the Minkomsviaz’s register

Source: RDP.RU | 07.12.2016

The RDP.RU’s software was included into the “Russian Unified Register of programs for computers and databases” of the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation.

The EcoROUTER virtualized router was included into the Register in category “Server and linking software” and the EcoNAT in category “Control and monitoring systems”. The presence of this equipment in the Register proves these products have been tested by experts of the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation and are recommended for purchase by public government customers in the framework of import substitution policies.

The EcoNAT is a universal product for resolving IPv4 addresses lack problem. The software is designed especially for broadband access providers taking into account the industry specifics and increased requirements for IT system reliability and performance. If desired the EcoNAT functionality may be integrated along with BRAS and URL-Filtering in the same device.

The EcoROUTER is the first Russian IP/MPLS router which supports almost all known protocols: LDP, LDP-PW, IS-IS, OSPF, IGMP, PIM-SM, BGP and others. This software also has several modifications which differ by functionality and cost.

The “Russian Unified Register of programs for computers and databases” of the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation started its work January 01, 2016. Its main goal is to provide state support and preferences in tender participation for Russian software manufacturers. The current legislation limits the purchase of imported products by state customers, if there are Russian counterparts presented in the Register. To date, the list includes more than 1,800 positions, their number grows periodically.

The CEO of RDP.RU Sergey Nikulin said:

“The process of import substitution in IT is impossible without the active initiatives of the government. On the one hand, the great goal of national IT industry support is determined. On the other hand, there are urgent problems that require immediate solutions. If for the majority of the commercial organizations the issue of transition to domestic technology is not yet critical, some state structures today are in need of a full replacement of imported products. It opens up the new market opportunities for us as local developers which are ready to offer unique high-performance platforms for Russian customers. Some of these solutions have superior technical characteristics which surpass the products of the best world vendors.”

Nikolay Guzakov’s interview at the "Telecom Expert" TV program

Source: Gorsviaz Company | 07.12.2016

The principles of foreign telecom equipment suppliers cutting-off in public procurement became known

Source: cnews.ru | 07.12.2016

Due to a number of factors the last 20 years in Russian Federation were marked by lack of the development of software and hardware equipment for telecom.

The main principles of foreign telecom equipment suppliers cutting-off in public procurement stated in the presentation of the Russian Federation Deputy Minister of Communications Alexey Sokolov November 27, 2015, as wrote TAdviser.

The interdepartmental working group of Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications and Ministry of Trade coordinates this works. The Ministries intend to implement a number of initiatives. The “odd man out” principle means to restrict the admission of foreign manufacturers of telecom equipment in municipal and state procurement, in the presence of two or more proposals of goods of Russian origin. The preference providing means that participants with proposals of goods of Russian origin in municipal and state tenders will be granted the 15% discount. According to initiatives the mandatory testing according to procedures developed by the Ministry of Communications in conjunction with the Ministry of Industry and with the participation of relevant agencies, to ensure the information security of the Russian Federation Unified telecommunication network must be done. The mechanism of preference for domestic telecommunications equipment similar to the mechanism implemented for the domestic software must be created in cooperation with the Ministry of Industry.

The restrictions proposed by the Ministries, apparently, will apply to both government agencies and state-owned companies. The document’s draft of a 15% preference is already published on the legal acts public discussion portal and applied to competitions, auctions and requests for quotations for the purchase of software, hardware and services of all state-owned corporations, state-owned companies, and natural monopolies.

The limitation of foreign software procurement law applies only to public authorities, but December 22, 2015 Russian President Vladimir Putin supported the proposal of the IT industry to limit the public procurement of foreign software would apply also to state-owned companies.

The CEO of RDP.RU Sergey Nikulin said: “Due to a number of factors in the Russian Federation over the past 20 years there was no development of its own software and hardware for telecom equipment. The exception were the companies, partially occupying the limited market of telecom devices, which were solving specific problems related to the security agencies, as well as OEM-manufacturers, who were engaged not so much in the development, but the import and adaptation of foreign decisions. The wide markets of routers, switches, equipment for cellular networks, wireless equipment were almost totally lost and occupied by foreign vendors.”

Read more on cnews.ru

The 18th Club-COM conference

Source: clubcomrf.ru | 07.12.2016

The RDP.RU company participated at the 18th Club-COM conference as a main sponsor. CEO Sergey Nikulin made a presentation “RDP: the new opportunities for providers”.

At the conference on IT industry crisis overcoming the Russian company RDP.RU presented its full-featured EcoROUTER router to Club-COM. The unique Intel chipset based equipment supports MLPS and different types of routing protocols, allows providers to guarantee the SLA according to different customer requirements and traffic types.

The conference’s visitors could see and even touch the device which has an affordable price and high performance. If you doubt how it can be just look at its “elder brother” CG-NAT whish successfully operates in providers’ networks and hits performance records.

Russian telecom equipment has got a real chance

Source: tadvisor.ru | 07.12.2016

The combination of political, economic and technological factors has made the Russian manufacturers’ emergence feasible in a number of telecom equipment segments.

The CTO and founder of RDP.RU Nikolai Guzakov said: “The emergence of the Russian network equipment became essentially possible since the concept of a new round of program-defined networks based on commodity platforms. This has changed the paradigm of the network equipment. This technological factor gave a chance to the development of the Russian IT-industry, in particular - to creation of the domestic telecom equipment.”

M-r Onishenko from the MTT company said: “The SDN technologies formation affects on import substitution “in a positive way”. SDN allows to use the typical server software for a wide application range, while all the technological features that previously required particular hardware solutions can now be implemented at the software level.“

Read more on tadviser.ru

The CTO Nikolai Guzakov’s interview

Source: tadvisor.ru | 07.12.2016

In the October 2015 the RDP.RU company has won the Rostelecom’s tender of CG-NAT-class equipment delivery for IPv4 addresses exhaust problem resolving.

In the October 2015, the Russian company RDP.RU won the tender of "Rostelecom" for the delivery of CG-NAT-class equipment to resolve the exhaustion of IPv4-addresses problem. The local supplier surpassed the world's largest vendors, including Cisco, Juniper, and Alcatel. The CTO and founder of RDP.RU Nikolai Guzakov told about company’s product creation history and plans to expand the range of solutions in an interview to TAdviser.

Read more on tadviser.ru

The N/type company has won a Rostelecom’s tender for CG-NAT equipment delivery with a RDP.RU’s equipment

Source: cnews.ru | 07.12.2016

The N/type company has won a major tender for CG-NAT equipment delivery and integration for multiserver IP/MPLS Rostelecom’s network with a Russian manufacturer RDP.RU equipment. The N/type application got the first place.

The CG-NAT equipment (Carrier-Grade NAT) allows to separate the use of each of the public IPv4 addresses among dozens of subscribers, thereby extending the opportunity to work in the IPv4 address space. Such systems are used by almost all the providers. The use of EcoNAT complexes of RDP.RU production will lead to further optimization of bandwidth in broadband networks.

Read more on cnews.ru

An import substitution, cost optimization and the air link was discussed at the "Two capitals telecom"

Source: spbit.ru | 07.12.2016

On the second business-forum “Two capitals telecom” the CTO Nikolai Guzakov reported about profitability increase by import substitution.

February 26, 2015 in St. Petersburg the biggest event the telecom industry “Two capitals telecom” took place. The event brought together network providers, software developers, manufacturers of communications equipment, representatives of public authorities and industry associations.

The CTO and founder of RDP.RU Nikolai Guzakov told about profitability increase by import substitution. He said: “Today, service providers are faced with several problems: the monthly fee grows slowly, but the price of imported equipment increases.” The laws which increase the cost price of providers’ service. In addition, providers are forced to filter content. The traffic doubles each two years what makes to upgrade the hardware base. In addition, the access to credits becomes difficult. Most of the equipment is made in USA so the data leakage is possible.

As Nikolai Guzakov said, an import substitution solves the problem of foreign currency rates growth. The percentage of imported components (e.g., chips) does not exceed 50%. One of the ways to increase the provider’s profit is introduction of value-add services (in particular, “an Internet for children”), content filtering on the so-called access list basis. The software solution is an ideal import substitution, said Guzakov. The embargo is almost impossible in this sphere. Platforms are made in the Southeast Asia countries. The development process is under our control. Our main product allows to “compress” IP-addresses, to analyze the subscribers’ behavior and to filter sites. Our equipment tested in the Rostelecom’s laboratory, we are grateful to the company for the strong interest in domestic equipment.


The CommIT Capital backed by Rostelecom invested in leading Russian network solutions developer RDP.RU. The VC got 15% share.

Source: www.rostelecom.ru | 16.11.2016

The CommIT Capital backed by Rostelecom invested in RDP.RU and RDP.Innovations (both included in the RDP.RU Group). Thus Rostelecom has got 15% share in authorized capital of these companies. The deal is estimated at approximately 130 million rubles.

The RDP.RU company is the leading Russian network and telecommunication equipment for network providers vendor. The company's portfolio includes the CG-NAT, URL-filtering service gateway BRAS, DPI, and the first Russian universal high-performance IP/MPLS router - EcoRouter.

Today the EcoNAT (CG-NAT) product is widely used in the PJSC Rostelecom networks and the RDP.RU company rapidly strengthen its position on the Russian market as a developer and provider of telecom solutions for network core, successfully competing the world's leading vendors.

The RDP.RU equipment uses x86 architecture based servers as a hardware platform. The company's products are included in the ”Russian Unified Register of programs for electronic computers and databases” of the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications” and in the Russian Ministry of Trade’s Russian-origin telecom equipment register.

With a contract conclusion Rostelecom received the opportunity to participate in shaping the RDP.RU’s technology policy and strategy to create more high-quality, advanced and popular products on the market.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors and Investment Committee CommIT Capital Alexey Basov said:

“Rostelecom is interested in cooperation with promising companies whose competence successfully complements at our business. RDP.RU first and foremost is a powerful team of technical experts, creating a world-class telecom solutions. Our experience of cooperation with this manufacturer confirms its high professional level and good market potential. By investing in the capital RDP.RU, we made a strategic contribution to our future technological leadership, into increasing of the of implementation speed and quality of services.”

The CEO of RDP.RU Sergey Nikulin said:

“We are pleased that our long-standing cooperation with the largest Russian operator has reached a qualitatively new level. I’d like to note that Rostelecom is not only the investor but also a technological partner. The investment and expertise attracted will be focused on the development of the product line, the creation of new demanded technologies and promotion of Russian network solutions on the domestic and foreign markets.”

RDP.RU presented the 1st Russian IP/MPLS-router EcoRouter on the CNews Forum 2016

Source: RDP.ru | 11.11.2016

November 10, 2016 RDP.RU took part in “CNews Forum 2016: tomorrow information technology” as one of sponsors. The company presented its new advanced product - EcoRouter (ER) – the first Russian multipurpose IP/MPLS-router.

The solution is a multi-purpose device which supports all the demanded protocols: LDP, LDP-PW, IS-IS, OSPF, IGMP, PIM-SM, BGP. The equipment can be used at all levels: aggregation, distribution, core, network edge.

The main technical innovation that distinguishes ER-series routers from their foreign counterparts – built-in container virtualization technology. It allows to run an arbitrary number of third-party application and to deploy an additional network services on the same device: AntiVirus/AntiSpam, IDS/IPS, protected tunnels establishment using IPSEC or GOST 28147-89 encryption.

Thus, two routers of ER series (the one for core network allocation, the second functions as a BGP-border) plus EcoNAT3in1 (CG-NAT, BRASS, URL-Filtering) provide all the functionality needed for provider. Using this approach provider can build a central communication node entirely based on Russian components, while reducing the total pool of equipment to three units (or up to six for a failover configuration). This gives a tangible money saving, economy of energy, saves space in the server room, simplifies management and maintenance processes, and solves the problem of import substitution.

The second important feature of the new product is its versatility. The Intel’s integrated circuits based solution is well integrated with any network infrastructure. It mounts into a standard 19’’ rack. In the future the device will be able to operate on the national platform basis. All ER-series routers run on a common operating system EcoRouterOS, have an optimal form factor of 1RU to 4RU and are available in fixed and modular version which allows the customer to choose the optimum configuration.

The release of such a universal product significantly expands the market opportunities of the vendor. Earlier the RDP.RU’s products were oriented on mainly on the broadband access providers market. With a release of EcoRouter RDP.RU got an opportunity to reach the government and corporate customers. An EcoRouter especially suits for large, geographically distributed infrastructures owners which can save by using minimum set of equipment when creating communication centers in the remote branches.

Just like all RDP.RU products EcoRouter has high performance (up to 480 Gb/s in 2U form factor) which provides a traffic bandwidth up to 360 Gb/s per device and allows to process large routing tables (up to 5 million routes in FIB). The large set of functions, ability to combine 2 and 3 level services, MPLS support allows to simplify the architecture of an aggregation network of providers and companies and improve the quality and reliability of services.

The CEO of RDP.RU Sergey Nikulin said:

“Choosing a platform for the router presentation we chose CNews Forum 2016 not accidentally. First, the event covers all segments of the IT market with its diversity and allows us to start a dialogue with the various partners, study their needs and interests. Secondly, our device is fully consistent with the key theme of the forum: innovative technologies tomorrow. I believe the future market will be focused precisely on such an universal products created in accordance with the actual needs of customers and on the background of the growing demand for virtualization of network functions and commodity hardware. Now when our general-purpose processors are competitive in comparison with specialized hardware solutions, we can create truly innovative solutions, which previously could only dream of.”

RDP.RU is granted the official “Russian manufacturer of telecom solutions” status

Source: RDP.ru | 03.11.2016

The RDP.RU’s hard&software products are included into the Russian Ministry of Trade’s Russian-origin telecom equipment register. This decision is made during the session of the Interdepartmental Expert Council, which was held on September 22, 2016.

The structure of the Interdepartmental Expert Council includes representatives of regulatory authorities and Russian vendors. They assess the solution localization level, as well as the origin of the key components.

Based on the expert decision different versions of the high-performance EcoNATDPI series devices (18 total) are included into the Russian Ministry of Trade’s Russian-origin telecom equipment register. These solutions referred to the "Communication equipment which operates as management and monitoring systems" category. In such product assessment? the Council’s representatives pay particular attention to the software component, carries out functional testing of electronic components and the whole product, carefully check all the source codes.

The “Russian manufacturer of telecom solutions” status allows RDP.RU to participate in target programs of import substitution. In accordance with the Resolution of the Russian Government dated 26 September 2016 № 986 the state and municipal customers are obliged to buy only Russian radio-electronic products, in case they are included into the Russian Ministry of Trade’s Russian-origin telecom equipment register.

The RDP.RU’s CTO and founder Nikolay Guzakov said:

“Creation in Russia a powerful cluster of software developers is one of the top priorities, along with the development of science and industry. With a support from the state, the Russian IT industry has a real chance to reach the technological level of foreign countries. Even today, we can build the infrastructure of the central communication node based on Russian products only. The stereotype that the Russian software products inferior to imported ones. Software development is exactly the area where we are able to achieve steady technological leadership.”

RDP.RU will take part in the CNews Forum 2016

Source: RDP.ru | 24.10.2016

The RDP.RU company became a sponsor of “CNews Forum 2016: tomorrow information technology” the largest industry event which will be held November 10, 2016 at the hotel “Radisson Slavyanskaya” (Moscow, Europe Square, b. 2).

This year the CNews will bring together all the key players of the IT-market for the ninth time. The major IT companies, representatives of state regulating agencies, leading industry media, as well as independent experts and analysts will participate in this event. As a part of event RDP.RU will present Russian innovative solutions for high-performance processing of network traffic. Today they are used mainly in providers’ commercial networks, but in light of the growing demand for Russian code based products these solutions become extremely demanded in the networks of large corporations and government agencies which have their own network infrastructure.

The RDP.RU’s products are included into the following registers: the ”Russian Unified Register of programs for electronic computers and databases” of the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications” and in the Russian Ministry of Trade’s Russian-origin telecom equipment register, the register of companies which meet the criteria of localization of PJSC "Rostelecom",

The RDP.RU’s commercial director Sergey Kulikov said:

”The CNews Forum is an authoritative platform for tripartite discussion of the main issues of the ICT market in terms of business, government and information technology suppliers. We are involved in this dialogue as vendor, offering affordable and effective tools to resolve the key challenges which government and commercial customers are faced to. Our products meet the interests of CIOs who are interested in the modernization of the network infrastructure; public sector companies in need of import substitution; system integrators who want to achieve the best price-quality ratio for their integrated solutions.”

RDP.RU nominated for "Priorities 2016" Award

Source: RDP.ru | 18.10.2016

The RDP.RU company received the nominee of the National Award in the field of import substitution “PRIORITY-2016” status and claims victory in the “Priority of IT” nomination in two categories: “Communication” and “Perspective”.

Winners will be announced November 10, 2016 at the Congress Center of RF CCI.

The National Award in the field of import substitution "PRIORITY" is an annual competition which the best Russian technologies and products participate in. Representatives of ministries and departments, as well as leading industry associations take part in the Supervisory and Expert Board.

Last year 305 applications from companies from 41 regions of Russia and CIS was filed to the contest. 145 nominees and 36 winners where marked.

The RDP.RU’s commercial director Sergey Kulikov said:

“We are proud to recieve the prestigious status of the National Award Nominee "PRIORITY-2016." This proves we chose the right direction of activities in the field of telecommunications. We realize importance of network technology development for Russian IT industry. Becoming a nominee, we got an extra incentive to move forward to our common victory!”