RDP.RU presented the 1st Russian IP/MPLS-router EcoRouter on the CNews Forum 2016

November 10, 2016 RDP.RU took part in “CNews Forum 2016: tomorrow information technology” as one of sponsors. The company presented its new advanced product - EcoRouter (ER) – the first Russian multipurpose IP/MPLS-router.

The solution is a multi-purpose device which supports all the demanded protocols: LDP, LDP-PW, IS-IS, OSPF, IGMP, PIM-SM, BGP. The equipment can be used at all levels: aggregation, distribution, core, network edge.

The main technical innovation that distinguishes ER-series routers from their foreign counterparts – built-in container virtualization technology. It allows to run an arbitrary number of third-party application and to deploy an additional network services on the same device: AntiVirus/AntiSpam, IDS/IPS, protected tunnels establishment using IPSEC or GOST 28147-89 encryption.

Thus, two routers of ER series (the one for core network allocation, the second functions as a BGP-border) plus EcoNAT3in1 (CG-NAT, BRASS, URL-Filtering) provide all the functionality needed for provider. Using this approach provider can build a central communication node entirely based on Russian components, while reducing the total pool of equipment to three units (or up to six for a failover configuration). This gives a tangible money saving, economy of energy, saves space in the server room, simplifies management and maintenance processes, and solves the problem of import substitution.

The second important feature of the new product is its versatility. The Intel’s integrated circuits based solution is well integrated with any network infrastructure. It mounts into a standard 19’’ rack. In the future the device will be able to operate on the national platform basis. All ER-series routers run on a common operating system EcoRouterOS, have an optimal form factor of 1RU to 4RU and are available in fixed and modular version which allows the customer to choose the optimum configuration.

The release of such a universal product significantly expands the market opportunities of the vendor. Earlier the RDP.RU’s products were oriented on mainly on the broadband access providers market. With a release of EcoRouter RDP.RU got an opportunity to reach the government and corporate customers. An EcoRouter especially suits for large, geographically distributed infrastructures owners which can save by using minimum set of equipment when creating communication centers in the remote branches.

Just like all RDP.RU products EcoRouter has high performance (up to 480 Gb/s in 2U form factor) which provides a traffic bandwidth up to 360 Gb/s per device and allows to process large routing tables (up to 5 million routes in FIB). The large set of functions, ability to combine 2 and 3 level services, MPLS support allows to simplify the architecture of an aggregation network of providers and companies and improve the quality and reliability of services.

The CEO of RDP.RU Sergey Nikulin said:

“Choosing a platform for the router presentation we chose CNews Forum 2016 not accidentally. First, the event covers all segments of the IT market with its diversity and allows us to start a dialogue with the various partners, study their needs and interests. Secondly, our device is fully consistent with the key theme of the forum: innovative technologies tomorrow. I believe the future market will be focused precisely on such an universal products created in accordance with the actual needs of customers and on the background of the growing demand for virtualization of network functions and commodity hardware. Now when our general-purpose processors are competitive in comparison with specialized hardware solutions, we can create truly innovative solutions, which previously could only dream of.”