RDP.RU presented its solutions on the “Infoforum-2017”

RDP.RU became a partner of the 19th National Forum for Information Security "Infoforum-2017" held in Moscow February, 2-3. During the forum the thematic session “Import Substitution and Security in the sphere of creation, development and use of the Communications Networks“ took place. The CEO of RDP.RU Sergey Nikulin made a report within this session.

The Infoforum is the largest industry event which gathers for dialog representatives of authorities and leading domestic high-tech solutions manufacturers. The Infoforum’s main themes were information sovereignty of Russia, current technology trends, import substitution in strategic sectors. This site has a well-deserved reputation among the professional community. Software and intelligent equipment vendors use this excellent opportunity to establish direct contact with large government customers and conduct initial negotiations.

This year Infoforum gathered more than 900 participants from 60 regions of Russia. It is noteworthy that this year the event took place almost immediately after the approval of the renewed Doctrine of information security of the Russian Federation by the President of the Russian Federation. Therefore, the attention of the Infoforum’s participants was focused on the issues of information security in the key sectors of the economy: industry, energy, defense industry, finance, oil, gas, etc.

CB Iskra, SRI Masshtab T8, Zelax and others participated in the meeting dedicated to the import substitution in the field of communication networks. The meeting was held by Sheredin Roman, Deputy Head of the Federal Agency of Communications.

In the Sergey Nikulin’s report “Russian Router as a step towards importamtisimo” the main problem of import substitution in the ICT was considered and an overview of high-performance Russian devices which could be an alternative to the world leading brands was presented. The subject of foreign hard and software reduction in the key segments of the broadband network providers to increase the overall level of information security was discussed.

Separately the necessity of use Russian solutions for traffic filtering according to Roskomnadzor list was stated. It is very important since such type of solutions process the network packet content and potentially can be used for espionage. The participants also got acquainted with the technical capabilities of Russia's first IP/MPLS-router EcoRouter, which the company RDP.RU put on the market last fall.

The CEO of RDP.RU Sergey Nikulin said:

“Technological sovereignty of Russia is one of the information security mandatory conditions. We do not put the task to the total refusal of import, but intend to reduce the total dependence of foreign vendors and minimize the political and economical risks. All the key systems which process the network packet content must be based on Russian source code. Since there’s no elemental base in our country yet, to create a cutting-edge solution is easier on commodity platform base. Devices built in a such paradigm are easy integrated with any common equipment. There’s no need to rebuild an entire infrastructure for its implementation. This approach has proven itself to be good in the field of telecom providers. Its benefits are reasonable for government customers which have different priorities and objectives too.