An import substitution, cost optimization and the air link was discussed at the "Two capitals telecom"

On the second business-forum “Two capitals telecom” the CTO Nikolai Guzakov reported about profitability increase by import substitution.

February 26, 2015 in St. Petersburg the biggest event the telecom industry “Two capitals telecom” took place. The event brought together network providers, software developers, manufacturers of communications equipment, representatives of public authorities and industry associations.

The CTO and founder of RDP.RU Nikolai Guzakov told about profitability increase by import substitution. He said: “Today, service providers are faced with several problems: the monthly fee grows slowly, but the price of imported equipment increases.” The laws which increase the cost price of providers’ service. In addition, providers are forced to filter content. The traffic doubles each two years what makes to upgrade the hardware base. In addition, the access to credits becomes difficult. Most of the equipment is made in USA so the data leakage is possible.

As Nikolai Guzakov said, an import substitution solves the problem of foreign currency rates growth. The percentage of imported components (e.g., chips) does not exceed 50%. One of the ways to increase the provider’s profit is introduction of value-add services (in particular, “an Internet for children”), content filtering on the so-called access list basis. The software solution is an ideal import substitution, said Guzakov. The embargo is almost impossible in this sphere. Platforms are made in the Southeast Asia countries. The development process is under our control. Our main product allows to “compress” IP-addresses, to analyze the subscribers’ behavior and to filter sites. Our equipment tested in the Rostelecom’s laboratory, we are grateful to the company for the strong interest in domestic equipment.