RDP.RU presented its solutions at the II business-forum “Intercommunication in a big city”

The RDP.RU company took part in II business-forum “Intercommunication in a big city – Work and communication specificity between the participants of the telecommunication market of the metropolis” which took place September 15, 2016 in Moscow, as a sponsor. CEO Sergey Nikulin made a presentation “RDP: new opportunities for provider’s business.»

Source: RDP.RU

The forum organized by ComNews information and publishing group was attended by delegates from all over Russia: management of federal and regional operators, manufacturers of technical solutions, experts and journalists. Within the event the main industry themes were discussed: development of urban technical infrastructure, telecom, financing and improve business profitability, import substitution. The representatives of the regulatory authorities: the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation, the Federal Communications Agency (Rossvyaz), Department of Information Technology of Moscow, and others were among the speakers.

During the session "Transforming the provider’s business under the influence of information technology, new solutions and innovations" CEO of RDP.ru Sergey Nikulin told about the innovative approach to the creation of a provider’s central unit on the basis of Russian components.

The concept proposes the implementation of functions CG-NAT, BRAS, URL-Filtering in the one Eco3in1 high-performance device. In combination with two EcoROUTER full-featured routers (the first one for core network allocation, the second one functions as a BGP-border), Eco3in1 forms the complete functional model of the provider’s central unit. Thus, for the first time in Russia a domestic vendor, which already can fully equip provider’s central hub by proprietary devices, appeared.

An important feature of the EcoROUTER is container virtualization support. It allows to deploy the third part software on EcoRouter in addition to its own – cryptogateways, streaming antiviruses, IDS, IPS etc. Thus the pool of the provider’s central hub can be reduced to just three units (or six in a failover configuration). The optimization of the telecom infrastructure provides a tangible money saving, economy of energy, saves space in the server room. In addition, the EcoROUTER and Eco3in1 devices are multiple times cheaper than comparable foreign counterparts.

Talking about the implementation of URL-Filtering, the speaker emphasized the technical characteristics of solutions. Highly qualified RDP.RU’s developers achieved a 160Gb per unit performance. This is a highest figure in industry which allows to process at all HTTP and HTTPS stream at once bypassing pre-filter. This approach not only reduces the filtration time but also excludes even minor “leakage” of the traffic blacklisted by Roskomnadzor.

During the conference, several regional providers were interested in testing the equipment presented.

The CEO of RDP.RU Sergey Nikulin said:

“The main feature of our company lies in the fact that all our products are tested on real traffic of the "Ecotelecom" provider. In our portfolio there is nothing that would not have been seriously tested in the field. We invite everyone who wish to test the quality of our products, so we offer our equipment to test for free. Our company helps with the implementation, provides a full cycle support and ensures that all the declared results will be achieved.”

Deputy Director - Executive Director of the St. Petersburg State Unitary Enterprise "Smolny PBX" Marina Nechay said:

“The problem of import substitution in IT as well as in other spheres rests for the public authorities is a priority. There’s already a healthy competition and really interesting products which compete the world leading vendors’ solutions, on the Russian software market. I think Russian manufacturers can and should be active in participating of public contracts fulfillment, especially if their solutions can meet all data protection requirements. The demand for domestic software will only grow in the short term.”