RDP.RU will add to train MIA cadets

The experts of RDP.RU spoke in All-Russian scientific-practical conference "Actual problems of information security in modern society", which took place on March 23, 2017 at the Moscow University of MIA named after V.Ya.Kikot’.

The event was held for cadets and students of major departmental and civilian universities (Lomonosov Moscow State University, MTUCI, Moscow Technological University (MIREA), Bauman Moscow State Technical University, MAI, MIPT, MEPhI). The heads of the profile departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, experts, specialists, teachers, as well as representatives of leading IT companies took part in the event.

The main objectives of the conference is to discuss top problems of information protection in the light of the new Information Security Doctrine of the Russian Federation. Within the framework of the event an exhibition of modern software and hardware solutions in the field of information security was organized. The program consisted of nine thematic sections, each was devoted to specific aspect of the IS: modern means of information protection, monitoring, video surveillance, face recognition, etc.; computer expertize technology, cybercrime investigation, etc.

The RDP.RU company presented the report "Russian telecommunications equipment: the basis of technological sovereignty and information security of the Russian Federation". There the main risks associated with dependence on imported telecommunications solutions were described, barriers to the development of alternative technologies were identified, and resolutions to these problems were proposed. Experts from Zelax, COBRA, ELVIRA, Security Code, etc. participated in the discussion of thematic section "Information Security Technologies".

According to the organizers, such topical conferences for cadets and students will be held by the main high school of the MIA on a regular basis, thus reviving the old Soviet tradition, which was interrupted 15 years ago after the reorganization of this high school. The agency's interest in ICT is not accidental - due to the growth of cyber threats, there is an urgent need in network specialists. The universities of MIA began to train such specialists just recently, but already have accumulated a fundamental expertise in the field of popular world brands. Next in line is Russian equipment, which is actively developing and is increasing the strength of its position in the market.

The Conference Coordinator, Senior Lecturer of Special IT Department, Moscow University of Russian MIA named after V.Ya.Kikot’ Vadim Shcherba said: “Our cadets need to get acquainted with modern achievements in the field of information protection, because in the near future they will have to work with these instruments. The IT develops at a rapid pace so it’s necessary to monitor technologies changing and improvement, what are the new areas of their application. Such events are very useful, they help you to orient in the huge IT world and choose a vector for further development. It was very interesting for us to get acquainted with the solutions of RDP.RU - complete, effective, created in a certain unified concept. We see a real alternative to popular import solutions in these technologies and want to study them in detail.”

The RDP.RU’s Deputy Director of Development Artem Mikhailov said:

“The educational process plays a huge role in ensuring the information security of the state. The experts should know the all contemporary solutions both limited and open foreign and Russian ones. In our turn we are ready to offer training programs on Russian solutions exploitation. We have a good experience of partner companies’ specialists training. These leading system integrators have expanded their professional competence with our help. Moscow University of Russian MIA named after V.Ya.Kikot’ has already stated its interest in such cooperation. We invite all technical universities interested in qualified personnel training to a productive dialog.”