At the “Broadband Russia Forum 2016” RDP.RU reported about new solutions for providers

The RDP.RU company took part at the VI international “Broadband Russia Forum 2016: new broadband networks development in Russia” which held in Moscow, November 24-25, 2016. CEO Sergey Nikulin made a presentation “The provider’s network economics: rise performance while lowering costs».

The Broadband Russia Forum is held annually by the ComNews information and publishing group. According to tradition the Forum brings together all the ICT-market major participants: fixed, mobile and satellite communications network providers, representatives of regulatory authorities and international industry associations, developers and manufacturers of telecom equipment, system integrators, service providers, industry experts and correspondents of the specialized media.

As part of the session «Strategies and Business Models of broadband operators and communication services quality monitoring» CEO RDP.RU Sergey Nikulin told about a new conceptual approach to the creation of high-performance networks for telecom providers. The examples of the successful implementation of such decisions as EcoNAT (the device for address space optimization and smooth migration to IPv6) and EcoRouter (the first Russian universal IP/MPLS-router) were shown during the report. Talking about these solutions, the speaker drew attention of the forum participants on cost-effectiveness, possibility of reducing capital and optional costs along with tangible improvement of performance metrics.

The presented domestic decisions may not only be integrated into any existing infrastructure, but also serve as a basis for the central communication node creation based on the RDP.RU products. The implementation of functional CG-NAT, BRAS, and URL-Filtering can be performed on the same physical device, what is particularly valuable for small and medium-sized operators. Innovative routers can be used at all network levels. They support any necessary soft to install such as crypto gateways, streaming antivirus, IDS, IPS etc.

The audience showed a significant interest on the solutions represented, the questions about products’ characteristics and the possibility of free testing were asked. Due to the participation in The Broadband Russia Forum the RDP.RU company expanded its business relations and demonstrated its loyalty and engagement to the constructive dialog with market players.

At the end of the event its organizers presented to the RDP.RU company and personally its speaker letters of thanks for partnership participation and performance.

The CEO of RDP.RU Sergey Nikulin said:

“I admit, it’s always a pleasure to speak to a professional audience, which is able to appreciate the advantages and novelty of our developments. The professionals’ Interest explained by the fact we understand their needs, we think of "tomorrow" categories and offer the most daring and innovative solutions of the market priority problems.”