allows a provider to implement services gateway functionality including necessary options such as user access to data transmitting services control, access speed limitation, users disconnection and redirection to the portal or page with a reminder to pay the periodic fee as well as informing the users by forwarding them to the portal.


Features and benefits

Made in Russia
EcoBras is a Russian product which is approved by Interdepartamental Expert Council’s decision (22.09.2016).

High performance
The performance reaches up to 160 Gb/sec per one rack unit what surpasses foreign analogues.

The device allows to maintain up to 250.000 active customers simultaneously with both directions speed limit is set up.

Smart Wire™
The EcoNAT device is transparent for all service type traffic including routing protocols BGP, OSPF, ISIS, STP, LACP, BFD.

Service model
The EcoBRAS device implements a modern approach to connect IP over Ethernet (IPoE) customers. It requires no additional encapsulation (PPTP, PPPoE and others) which allows to increase provider’s network reliability, simplify the user traffic processing and debugging.

Policing RX/TX
The user traffic both directions speed limitation operates independent with 64 kBit/sec step.

Open Garden
The device supports an Open Garden creation with a network list available for disconnected users which includes DNS-servers; company’s sites, billing and banking sites and so on.

Assigning services to specific users
In the EcoBRAS the configured policy and related services system is used to limit traffic speed and to redirect traffic to the specified site for paying the fee. These services are an actions set implemented when session source address or destination address matches to the specified ACL.

Normal EcoBras functionality supports creating level 3 and 4 Access Control List (ACL) as traffic policy which is subject to the service’s rules. The following actions are supported: «permit» (with speed limit), «block» and «redirect to specified URL».

The EcoBRAS’s cooperation with a URL-filtering functions allows to use a URL lists («white» and «black») as policy.

For each user, up to six channels specified statically or got dynamically by RADIUS protocol can be active simultaneously.

The Change of Authorization (CoA) function of RADIUS allows to change user’s services list or a part of its parameters.

Billing integration
A user’s IP and MAC addresses can be identified when connected using RADIUS. An unauthorized user can be redirected to a specified portal for further third-part identification (for example, using SMS). According to the user’s profile a set of services will be assigned. Its incoming and outgoing traffic will be considered and transferred to the billing system by RADIUS’s Accounting messages.

Besides the EcoBRAS device supports a billing interaction proprietary protocol too (a protocol description is available on request). The protocol based on PUSH-method: a billing system periodically connects to еру BRAS via TCP and sends a test command sequence. A billing regularly examines which contracts present on the device, adds the missed ones and deletes redundant. An operator can manage user’s service list in real-time mode (just like in case of CoA RADIUS) including multiple billing systems simultaneously.

The manufacturer provides services on any billing system integration with EcoBRAS both on open-sourceAPI and RADIUS protocol.


 EcoBRAS 2020 / 2040EcoBRAS 4080EcoBRAS 4120EcoBRAS 4160
Throughput 24 / 34 Gbps 60 Gbps 120 Gbps 160 Gbps
Packets Per Second 16.2M 49.5M 64.8M 64.8M
Connection Setups Per Second 2.3M 2.5M 5M 5M
Concurrent Sessions 32 million 40 million 150 million 150 million
Network Interface        
   10 GE Fiber (SFP+) 2 / 4 8 12 16
   1GE Copper 4 - - -
Logging Interface 2 x 10/100/1000BaseT 1 x 10/100/1000BaseT 1 x 10/100/1000BaseT 1 x 10/100/1000BaseT
Management Interface 1 x 10/100/1000BaseT 1 x 10/100/1000BaseT 1 x 10/100/1000BaseT 1 x 10/100/1000BaseT
Console Port RJ45 (RS232C) RJ45 (RS232C) RJ45 (RS232C) RJ45 (RS232C)
System Storage CF Industrial SLC CF Industrial SLC CF Industrial SLC CF Industrial SLC
Power Consumption Typical/Max 140W/170W 250W/285W 340W/400W 340W/400W
Power Supply 200W ATX (RPS optional) Dual 500W RPS Dual 500W RPS Dual 500W RPS
  100-240 VAC (-36-72 DC) 100-240 VAC (-40-72 DC) 100-240 VAC (-40-72 DC) 100-240 VAC (-40-72 DC)
Cooling Fan Standard Fans Hot Swap Smart Fans Hot Swap Smart Fans Hot Swap Smart Fans
Dimensions 430mm x 400mm x 44mm 440mm x 576mm x 44mm 440mm x 576mm x 44mm 440mm x 576mm x 44mm
Rack Unit (Mountable) 1U 1U 1U 1U